About us

About Us

DXB Talent Book is an online audition and casting platform.
Auditions and Casting Calls; 2 essential elements of the production- and entertainment industry and part of a billion-dollar industry, yet unknown territory to so many people around the world.

How do I become a TV Commercial actor? Who do I contact? Do I have to be registered with a modelling agency? How do actors get booked for a commercial? Do I need experience? – Questions we’d often face from people when we explained what we did for a living before building DXB Talent Book, a platform set to break down the barriers often associated with acting & modelling commercially. We build DXB Talent Book to allow everyone equal opportunity to enter the industry, without all the hassle and absurdities often faced to become an actor or model.
DXB Talent Book solves exactly that – by allowing you to build a great looking profile and market yourself to thousands of casting professionals using our platform to scout talents for commercial and passion projects.

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